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Microsoft ammunition (fwd)

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> Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 16:11:50 -0600
> From: Toto <[email protected]>
> Subject: Microsoft ammunition

>             But, if you're tired of the repetition, here's a
>             reason you should sit through another sermon:
>             RandomNoise's Coda. Coda lets you design entire
>             Web pages in Java rather than use a mixture of
>             HTML content, tags, and Java applets.
>             A Java-based Web page removes the distinction
>             between application and data. It presents data
>             just as an HTML page would, but every element on
>             the screen has the potential to be an interactive
>             part of a sophisticated application.

Mix this with the distributed processing model of Plan 9 and you may just
have tomorrows computer environment.

                                                       Jim Choate
                                                       [email protected]