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New Candidates for Vengeance

Lest people think it is only government stooges who burst into rooms and
spray the occupants with bullets, here's a story about bounty hunters doing
the same thing. Not the first time, either.

Bounty hunters usually work for bail bondsmen, seeking to produce their
witnesses. What has surprised me, in some reports I've seen recently on how
they work and what their legal authority to enter homes is, is that they
are apparently free to enter hotel rooms and private homes at will. One
legal expert opined that a homeowner who shoots at them upon their entry is
committing a crime, as they are not legally a threat. (Of course, how does
a homeowner know this?)

Here's an excerpt from the story:


Tuesday September 2 2:50 PM EDT

Police Pursue Arizona Bounty Hunters

By David Schwartz

PHOENIX(Reuter) - An intense manhunt was under way Tuesday for two bounty
hunters who allegedly broke into the wrong
house in a commando-style raid looking for a bail-jumper and shot and
killed a young couple.

Police said two men were in custody and another was under police guard in a
hospital after the ski-masked group broke down the
front door of the house, held young children at gunpoint and exchanged fire
with the couple early Sunday.

The bounty hunters apparently were looking for a bail jumper who owed a
bond company $25,000, police said.

Killed in the shoot-out were Christopher Foote, 23, and Spring Wright, his
21-year-old girlfriend. Their bedroom was riddled
with at least 29 bullet holes.


Seems to me we need a system which executes these several folks. AP is
inefficient, but might work.

People call me cold-blooded, calling for the death of tyrants, stooges,
narcs, and other rifraff. But how can anyone read this story and not
realize such scum need to be given a very quick trial and then disposed of?

(This, by the way, is one reason folks should have guns in hotel rooms.
Some hotels have policies against guns, but this applies only if one is
found. And it's usually not a criminal violation, if the local gun laws
allow shopkeepers and homeowners/renters to have guns (a few places don't,
as we all know). A hotel room is one's temporary residence, as a tent in a
campground is.)

--Tim May

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