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Larry Weidner

You recently requested salary data on our National Engineering Search Website. Based on the information that you provided and your geography, our data indicates a salary range of $50 - 57k.

You have many of the skills that our client companies are seeking. We have several companies in your area, (and nationwide) with openings for which I am actively recruiting. If you know of any software or hardware engineers that are interested in looking at these opportunities, I would be glad to discuss them.

I am retained by client companies, who pay finder fees for locating great candidates. There are no expenses paid by the individual.

National Engineering Search is a member of the largest nationwide network of technical recruiters called National Personnel Associates, so I have direct access to many opportunities nationwide.

If you are not interested in looking at new positions now, but would like me to give you a call or contact you in the future, just send me a short response telling me when to contact you. Include home phone number and the most convenient time to talk.

My e-mail address is [email protected] Subject - attention: Larry Weidner

Best regards,


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