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Beware free 'gifts'

Spammed to Usenet news:

>Subject: Check Em Out
>Date: 1 Sep 1997 01:43:23 GMT
>Organization: MediaOne SouthEast
>Lines: 36
>NNTP-Posting-Host: surf219.pompano.net
>Mime-Version: 1.0
>Content-Type: Text/Plain; charset=US-ASCII
>X-Newsreader: WinVN 0.99.9 (Released Version) (x86 32bit)
>          Discreet Research
>       http://www.dresearch.com
> Background Checks, People Finder, Driving & Criminal Records & more!
> Lost a friend or loved one? we can find em'! fast and cheap!
> Want to check out your mate ?  we can!  everything from  there 
> driving record, bank account!, license tag trace (all legal!)
> New Product :  PHONE TRAPCARD
> Here's how this exciting new service works.  You request who you
> want a phonecard sent to.  Discreet Research then sends your subject
> a disguised gift packaged phonecard charged with 60 minutes of 
> calling time.  Your subject will then use the card to make phone calls.
> Discreet Research will then notify you by fax, e-mail, or by phone with
> a daily log that tells you the phone numbers your subject called,
> &  the phone numbers the calls were placed from. The trapline can trace
> any type of phoneline even payphones!  The phonecard is valid for 3 
> months.
>We also offer a reseller program if you would like to get into the biz!
> http://www.dresearch.com
> e-mail : [email protected]

I wonder how long this company would last if say James Kallstrom
was 'tracked' using their 'trapcard'....

Eric Murray  Chief Security Scientist  N*Able Technologies  www.nabletech.com
(email:  ericm  at  lne.com   or   nabletech.com)          PGP keyid:E03F65E5