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Re: NSA/NIST Security Lab

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, John Young wrote:

> NSA and NIST will set up a new lab for evaluation of 
> information-security products, including crypto algorithms:
>    http://jya.com/nsa-nist.txt
> The lab will coordinate with other nations. Plans include
> eventual shifting the evaluation to private testing labs
> once accreditation standards are set.
> With critiques by Bruce Schneier and Steve Walker,
> and a slap from NCSA, which now provides testing,
> "They've been talking about this stuff for years."

Uh huh, yeah, we'll be getting the NSA to review security...  Joy.  I can
see it now.  "Single DES is very safe.  40 bit keys are more than
enough..."  Even with Bruce on this, it doesn't warm my trust to them...

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