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Re: Death Pictures of Diana on InterNet!!!

"I *lov'a* dis'a leest!"

Mike Duvos wrote:
> Dr. Vulis writes:
> > This is off-topic, but... Why do people refer to the bastards who ran
> > Di's car off the road by some weird italian name?
> In 1958, there was an Italian photographer named Tazio Secchiaroli who
> discovered that newspapers would pay big money for pictures of "surprised"
> celebrities.  He is best known for a photograph of Egypt's King Farouk
> overturning a restaurant table in frustration after being harrassed during
> his meal.
> When Federico Fellini made his 1960 film, "La Dolce Vita," where Marcello
> Mastroianni played a frustrated gossip columnist, he created a
> photographer sidekick for him based on Secchiaroli which he named
> "Parparazzo" in the film.
> Since then, annoying photographers seeking to intrude upon celebrities and
> provoke them into performing for the camera have been referred to as
> "Paparazzi."
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