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Re: Missing Kids and Porn Links

Damaged Justice wrote:
> [Relevant for all recent discussions on "linking without permission", as
> well as the usual childpornhysteriamongering.]

>                           [2]Newsbytes Advertising
> Missing Children Pix On Websites Overpopular
>    ****Missing Children Pix On Websites Overpopular 09/02/97 SEATTLE,
>    WASHINGTON, U.S.A., 1997 AUG 29 (NB) -- By Bruce Miller. The National
>    Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) encourages the
>    owners of Web sites to add a link that will bring up the picture of a
>    different missing child every ten minutes. According to Ruben
>    Rodriguez, Supervisor of the Exploited Child Unit, the Center is
>    getting 70 to 80 requests a day for information to create the link.
>    Some sites, however, have taken the initiative themselves, including
>    pornographic Web sites.
>    "This is the kiss of death for us," said Rodriguez. "We want the
>    public to help us find missing and exploited children. The Internet
>    public is coming to us to display our banner on our sites.
>    Unfortunately, there are some locations on the Internet that are
>    inappropriate."

  We *must* take immediate action to prevent missing children from being
found by people who don't consider nudity shameful, people who smoke,
fat people, Jewish people, people with more than three speeding