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Re: Big Brother is watching

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Chip Mefford wrote:
> Nate wrote;
> Snip
> >  They leave a cop in the front to
> >eat donuts and watch TV, and in the back there is a video camera and a radar
> >gun.  On the front driver's side mirror there's another camera.  When you
> >drive by too fast, you get your picture taken (front and back) and a ticket
> >gets mailed to you a week later.
> Now THAT is interesting,
> seems in Colo, they have some idea about the bill of rights, even though
> the plunger-kicker is a doughnut whore, it is still present at the scene,
> rather than being an unmanned Bot.
> So the plunger-kicker, hypothetically could be crossexamined in court,
> unlike the Bots of the Peoples Republik of Virginia.
> Isn't there a wierd clause about being able to face your accuser??? Yeah, I
> know, I live in a fantasy world.
> luv
> chipper

Yes... in CO you can take them to court, and if the cop doesn't show up, you
get off free.  I dunno about VA (just moved here 2 months ago).

In CO, you're supposed to be able to ask the cop if you can see the radar
gun that clocked you, and if it's been cleared or the cop won't show it to
you, you cannot be ticketed.  By law, the cop *must* have a visual estimate
of your speed, and a clocked speed on a gun of some kind (a friend of mine is
a Sheriff in southern CO), but they apparently don't tell that to anyone.