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Re: Big Brother is watching

Nate wrote;

>  They leave a cop in the front to
>eat donuts and watch TV, and in the back there is a video camera and a radar
>gun.  On the front driver's side mirror there's another camera.  When you
>drive by too fast, you get your picture taken (front and back) and a ticket
>gets mailed to you a week later.

Now THAT is interesting,

seems in Colo, they have some idea about the bill of rights, even though
the plunger-kicker is a doughnut whore, it is still present at the scene,
rather than being an unmanned Bot.

So the plunger-kicker, hypothetically could be crossexamined in court,
unlike the Bots of the Peoples Republik of Virginia.

Isn't there a wierd clause about being able to face your accuser??? Yeah, I
know, I live in a fantasy world.