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Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls (fwd)

At 08:54 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:
>I don't know where the authority for mandatory seat belts and  air bags is
>claimed to come from, either. Or helmet laws in various states. Someone
>else is welcome to spend time researching this. Personally, all such laws
>are infringements on personal freedom, in my view. I half expect a case
>will be made that key escrow is a "safety" feature. Freeh's invocation of
>air bags may have been a clever signal.

I noticed that strange air bag analogy myself. Clearly, Freeh and his
puppet masters are trying to skew the discussion towards "public safety".
Of course, requiring GAK is more like requiring a remote kill switch in the
ignition of all new cars so cops can just type a license plate number into
their terminal to halt a fleeing car. [BTW, such kill switches will be
required before long. I trust we all know this].

Frankly, I don't care if they outlaw crypto. We'll just glue stego on top
of it. And Joe Sixpack couldn't care less. Nor do I care if Joe Sixpack
wants to be spanked by his wife or plungered by his government. It's his

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