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Re: Big Brother is watching

At 08:32 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:
>By the way, the last time I was driving around the Greater Washington
>National Compound, there were signs in Virginia declaring that use of radar
>detectors was illegal.
>This sort of banning of certain technologies which "hinder law enforcement"
>is of course what we were talking about a few weeks ago, with the "for law
>enforcment use only" trends in the PRA.

I read in this morning's paper that in the wake of Diana's death, bills are
being proposed to require licensing for the use of high powered telescopic
lenses such as those used by celebrity photographers. Ignoring for a moment
that such an act would make physical confrontation with said photographers
even more likely, I note the similarity in language used to describe camera
lenses to language used to describe certain firearms. Soon we will hear
about the dangers of "assault lenses". The sheeple will eat it up.

As somebody once said on this list:
"The First Amendment was never meant to protect assault language or verbal

BTW, just for the record, I believe that we live in a consumer society and
the People choose the government they want. The average person doesn't care
who thinks for them as long as they don't have to think for themselves and
can pretend to themselves that it was in fact they who did the thinking.

The People desire a master, not a revolution.

--Lucky Green <[email protected]>
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