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Re: Big Brother is watching

Chip Mefford propelled us into the future by writing:

>Fairfax County, In the Peoples Republic of Virginia

It's Fairfax City, I think, which is an independent city wholly contained
in Fairfax County. At least they were the only ones with this shit deployed.

>Citizens in the PRV who have been travelling in Fairfax County will soon
>be recieving summons to come pay their dues to the monster in the form of
>traffic citations for running red lights issued by Big Brother.

This was discussed a while ago. Buy a license plate cover ("Just protecting my
plates against stones and vandalism, Officer!") that's virtually transparent
from head-on, but opaque beyond  a certain view angle. I think these things
exist -- look in Car & Driver or some such.

And if some peckerhead parks his SUV in your driveway to nail speeders, buy a
"radar detector tester" (maybe C&D, or an electronic-hobbyist's magazine) and
crank it up every now and again while he's trying to catch violators. Do it
from the safety of your house so you don't wind up with a nightstick up your


>With this wonderful sucess, We can all look forward to this items being
>placed in our domiciles in order to further protect us from crime.

And I'll give my kids a can of spray paint and a ladder. Maybe I'll offer 
bonus prizes if they can figure out an inventive, undetectable way to disable
the fucker.

Shit, they're trying to nail Marv Albert for consensual sodomy, which is also
a "crime" in the PRV, if they can't get him on the assault charges. So think twice before you and your SO get into acts of Hooverism down Virginia way.