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Re: Big Brother is watching

At 09:53 AM 9/4/97 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
>Interesting. In NJ, where I have had the misfortune of living, "being able
>to face your accuser" means that if the cop doesn't show you have to
>reschedule and keep rescheduling until he _does_ show. For this reason, I
>had assumed that the "no cop, no case" clause was simply hopeful urban

Whether they get to reschedule may depend on factors you can control;
get some professional advice if this happens to you often :-)
The last time I had the opportunity to watch a NJ courtroom for a while,
the cops and prosecutors did have their act together.  The cop's 
testimony started out with being asked what he did that morning
"Calibrated my radar gun" "What model is it?"... "What steps did you

>If nothing else, we live in a "traffic police state".

Unfortunately, the one time I got stopped at a papers-in-order stop
and the cops asked me where I was going, I had a burned out tail light,
so I decided not to give the cops the answers they deserved.
"America, but I seem to have made a wrong turn and ended up here...."