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Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow

Tim May wrote:
> Even the weaker form of Freeh's suggestion, that key escrow capabilities be
> forced into all Internet products, even if the use is "voluntary," seems to
> lack constitutional support. Could the Federal Trade Commission force all
> products to have such features? The Consumer Safety Products Commission?
> I don't know where the authority for mandatory seat belts and  air bags is
> claimed to come from, either. Or helmet laws in various states. 

  The 'authority' comes, as always, from power and money.
  The "Drive 55" mandate is a perfect example of the government stealing
the citizen's money, then giving it back in the form of highway funding,
with the condition that those states who don't give up their right to
decide their own state laws don't get any cash.
  The greedy fucks feeding at the government troughs want to get their
hands on that money _now_, because there is no telling who will be ahead
of them in at the trough by the time the Constitutional issues are

  The bottom line is that the federal government gets their authority by
virtue of armed robbery, bribery and illegal seizure.
  Who is going to stop them? They have the guns! When our elected
in Congress delved into the INSLAW affair, the Department of Justice
them to "Fuck off." and refused to cooperate with those who represent
citizens. Congress's reaction was to say, "Yup. They're defying us."
  Ipso facto--Congress is not running the country. The LEA's are running
the country. Go figure...

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