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Re: Militias

Tim May wrote:
> I just watched an hour-long special on CBS, "The Birth of a Militia," about
> the Rocky Mountain Militia is southern Utah.
> The militia member who was arrested, tried, and convicted of illegally
> owning a gun, evading the police, and driving without a license, apparently
> committed no serious crimes, by my standards. He didn't rob, he didn't
> rape, he didn't kill.
> As the Sheriff was quoted several times as saying, he "mouthed off." And
> apparently being a "skinhead" and a "militia member" is ipso facto proof of
> criminality. The Sheriff said he planned to get Johnny.

  I watched the show and couldn't figure out exactly what the 'crimes'
were supposed to consist of. I eventually got the impression that the
real 'crime' was "intent to have a bad attitude."
  My basic read is that they are going to fuck with those they don't
like until their sense of human dignity forces them to make a stand,
and then they will murder them and use the event as more evidence of
our need to be protected from 'unauthorized' nuts with guns.

  I don't know about you, but I would much rather get murdered by an
'authorized' nut with a gun, than an 'unauthorized' nut with a gun.
It seems so much more civilized, somehow.
  When militia members leave for their meetings, do their mothers
remind them to put on clean underwear, in case they get murdered by
law enforcement agents? This is what cypherpunks enquiring minds
really want to know.