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Re: Big Brother is watching

On 9/4/97 1:17 AM, Lucky Green ([email protected])  passed this wisdom:

>BTW, just for the record, I believe that we live in a consumer society and
>the People choose the government they want. The average person doesn't care
>who thinks for them as long as they don't have to think for themselves and
>can pretend to themselves that it was in fact they who did the thinking.

 .. among other things, I teach school. Mostly one on one tutoring and 
occasional Calculus or Physics fill-in ... (nice when you already have a 
pension to be able to work leisurely and play with your computer!) I am 
in the process of rereading "Fahrenheit 451" - the recent printing  of 
this in paperback features a Marquis that says somethig like "Now, more 
relevant than ever" - as much as I hate having someone else tell me what 
to think ... they certainly seem to be right. It has been over twenty 
years since I read it and now ... it surely seems to be right on the path 
mentioned above and then some ... William Lederer also had it right years 
ago when he penned "A Nation of Sheep"

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