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Re: Big Brother is watching you watch Farenheit 451

At 08:47 AM 9/4/97 -0400, Brian B. Riley wrote:
>in the process of rereading "Fahrenheit 451" - the recent printing  of 
>this in paperback features a Marquis that says somethig like "Now, more 
>relevant than ever" - as much as I hate having someone else tell me what 
>to think ... they certainly seem to be right. It has been over twenty 

BTW, the last copy of F451 I saw really irked me - the cover had
explanatory notes like "Fahrenheit 451, the temperature that books burn!"
and stuff about firemen whose job is setting fires.  
Are today's kids dumbing down, or less literate, or is it just enough
longer since the book was written that publishers need to try harder to 
get people to read it?