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Big Brother is watching

> Yes, rest assured that Big Brother is watching. Three CopBots have been
> deployed around the county to take pictures of vehicles exiting
> intersections after the light has turned red. These CopBots are a great
> boon to our prosperity and security as they free up the huminoid Cops from
> traffic duties so that they can better spend their time toilet plunger
> kicking.

Yes, they love these in Germany too. Ways to combat:

1) Wax your license plate, especially the front one.

2) When you find one of these unattended critters along the road, wave
your hand in front of it at amazing speeds until it runs out of film.
(Ensure middle finger is extended.)

3) Wave a plunger in front of it at amazing speeds. Give the cops
tens of alternating shots of your extended finger and plungers.

4) Assault the machine with a plunger. (Only if really mad.)

-- FedPlunger