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Re: Big Brother is watching

At 9:03 AM -0700 9/4/97, Anonymous wrote:
>> Yes, rest assured that Big Brother is watching. Three CopBots have been
>> deployed around the county to take pictures of vehicles exiting
>> intersections after the light has turned red. These CopBots are a great
>> boon to our prosperity and security as they free up the huminoid Cops from
>> traffic duties so that they can better spend their time toilet plunger
>> kicking.
>Yes, they love these in Germany too. Ways to combat:
>1) Wax your license plate, especially the front one.

Or smear mud on the plates. This is an old trick.

(We have the cameras in our area, too. In Campbell, CA, for example. My
recollection from news stories is that the camera also snaps a photo of the
driver, allowing reasonably positive ID. If the photo is blurred or not
usable in court, the traffic charge is dropped (probably only if
challenged, though). Some interesting constitutional issues, it seems to
me. Namely, if Alice is driving Bob's car and is ticketed, should Bob face
the points on his license? Or even criminal charges? Seems to violate our
notions of scienter.)

By the way, a useful survival trick is to have a spare set of license
plates available.  It's not a crime to carry an old set around in one's
vehicle, only to actually use them (and be caught). Sometimes these can be
found at junkyards, sometimes old plates from other states don't have to be
turned in. And the unscrupulous can steal plates from other cars (or switch
them, though this has obvious problems if they are traceable to you!!).

Sure, these plates won't be "valid," and may not have current stickers (if
they're old). But if the cops are looking for your car, or even using
automated plate scanners on toll roads, bridges, etc., then having some old
plates from your Oregon car sure beats having the plates their computers
have flagged.

There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
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