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Re: Big Brother is watching

Lucky Green wrote:
> I read in this morning's paper that in the wake of Diana's death, bills are
> being proposed to require licensing for the use of high powered telescopic
> lenses such as those used by celebrity photographers. Ignoring for a moment
> that such an act would make physical confrontation with said photographers
> even more likely, I note the similarity in language used to describe camera
> lenses to language used to describe certain firearms. Soon we will hear
> about the dangers of "assault lenses". The sheeple will eat it up.

  For some reason this made me think of the thread containing light-bulb
jokes, and some warped wit saying,
  "Sure, light bulb jokes are funny, until someone burns a retina..."

  Though I laughed my ass off, at the time, have things really begun to
deteriorate so rapidly that I am justified in now wondering if there
will be a "Light Bulb Joke Amendment" to the "Telescopic Lens