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We have a WINNER!!!

Dead Lucky
                       AP Lotto Enterprises
           (A Subdivision of the Reformatory Party of Canada)

                        Unlucky in Life?
                     Try your luck at Death!
  If you can correctly predict the date and time of death of others
 then you can win large prizes payable in untaxable, untraceable eca$h.

Congratulations to the anonymous entity who correctly predicted the date 
of the death of Princess Diana.
	QEII - Come on down!
Just send us the confirmation number you received at the time of your
entry, along with instructions for forwarding your ecaSh prize.

Remember: "You can't win if someone doesn't pay."

NOTICE: We regret that we cannot take any more bets on the death of
   the New World Order ruler until we lay some of them off with other
   AP betting agencies.

TID BITS: Congratulations to G-J B, the anonymous bettor from Edmonton,
   Alberta, who won this month's free AP T-shirt with his suggestion 
   that there should be a bonus prize for anyone who correctly predicts
   the date of death of any politician whose body is found with a note
   attached which says,
   "I think Congress/Parliament needs each of us to send ten copies of
    this back to them."