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Re: We have a WINNER!!!

  From: Dead Lucky <[email protected]>
  Subject: We have a WINNER!!! 
  Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 03:43:09 -0600 
  To: [email protected]

> Dead Lucky
>                            ----------
>                        AP Lotto Enterprises
>            (A Subdivision of the Reformatory Party of Canada)
>                         Unlucky in Life?
>                      Try your luck at Death!
>   If you can correctly predict the date and time of death of others
>  then you can win large prizes payable in untaxable, untraceable eca$h.
>                                   ----------

too good. saved for those clueful enough to understand the real humor of 
the post.

excellent spoof DL whoever you are.

My question, which is moderately relavant to the list, is exactly where one 
can obtain "untaxable, untraceable eca$h" From what I understand, we don't 
quite have that yet. Maybe I missed something.

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Date: 09/04/97
Time: 09:04:15
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