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Here It Is !!

Are you looking for an affordable way to advertise your products services or web sites? If so 
hold on to your shorts. As you know the best programs for sending direct e-mail advertisements
cost on the average of $400-$500.00. Then you will need that $200.00 e-mail address extraction
program to keep your leads coming. Well Selective Marketing has done it again. We are giving 
away one of the fastest e-mailing programs on the Internet and to top that off we are including 
a free e-mail extraction program.

These programs are top of the line in the industry. The email program is capable of sending over 250,000
emails per hour using only a 28.8 modem. The extraction program  will extract thousands of targeted email
addresses from the Internet while you sleep.

So what is the catch? We are marketing a CD Rom with 37 million e-mail addresses on it, filtered and
ready to load into your email program. When you purchase this CD Rom at our lowest price ever of 
only $299.00 we will send you the email program for sending your mail and the extraction program so 
you can extract targeted email addresses.

This offer is for a limited time. If you need a fantastic product to advertise we can help with that too.
We have a wonderful product that we have been advertising on the Internet that is returning about 
a 30% positive response rate. 

If you would like more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity you must call us now. The number
is (904) 779-1721. The first 100 orders will receive an added  bonus. 

This is a once of a lifetime offer from the company that has been brining you the best in direct e-mail
advertising for over two years.