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Re: Di Privacy, Die / Was: Death of Privacy


TruthMonger wrote:
>   Notice that the press reports that the two little princes want to 
> walk behind the casket. Is it a 'coincidence' that the two innocent
> victims who are now under the thumb of the monarchist spin-doctors
> are going to be front and center in the coverup of their mother's 
> murder? 
>   Why are the thousands of death threats against Prince Charles if he
> tries to use the funeral to redeem his image *not* news?

It seems likely that Something Is Afoot.  Let's not assume that it is
centered on preserving Charles Windsor's shot at the throne.

Most likely those Shadowy People who preserve social order have been
concerned about the stability of the Monarchy and are now taking steps
to preserve it.

A commonly perceived problem with monarchy is the strict rules of
inheritance.  From time to time a person totally unsuited to the job
pops up.  Not all societies in all of history have found this problem
insurmountable.  (Examples: The Man in the Iron Mask, or the peculiar
deaths of Queen Hatshepsut's older brothers, or the death of Peter the
Great's only son, etc.)

Diana, obviously, was unsuited to the job and did not seem to
understand it.  R.I.P.

Diana, for all the trouble she caused, did manage to arouse interest
in the Monarchy.  Her death has caused millions of people in Britain
and elsewhere to become deeply emotionally involved with the Monarchy.
This emotional capital is far better than the lassitude which preceded
her.  While many perceptions of the Royal Family are not positive,
this can be easily transformed into adulation of the Monarchy using
the vehicle of Diana's sons.

Charles is no prize.  He's managed to muff an easy job.  It is
possible that the Monarchy would not survive his accession to the

Look for the death of Charles, probably before the Queen dies.  An
accident would do it, but a "suicide" would add some spice, arouse
sympathy, and be less suspicious.  (Two fatal accidents would be
extremely unlikely, whereas the odds of a suicide under these
circumstances cannot be calculated.)  A "lone nut" with a gun would
also do the trick, although it's getting old.

This would pave the way for a smooth handoff of power from the well
regarded Queen to one of Diana's well regarded sons.  Order will have
been restored.

Monty Cantsin
Editor in Chief
Smile Magazine
"I AM a number!  I am a free man!"

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