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Re: Smoking and IDs


At 01:32 AM 9/4/97 -0700, Blanc wrote:
>Lucky Green wrote:
>>As signs in any liquor store have been informing tobacco customers for
>>months, new FDA regulations require stores to check the ID of any tobacco
>>customer under 25. This despite the fact that you are legally allowed to

The FDA rules that took effect last February (since when did the FDA gain 
authority over 7-11?) say that anyone who "appears to be under 27 years of 
age" has to be carded.  

>>purchase tobacco products at age 18. If the store fails to check the ID of
>>a person legally permitted to conduct the purchase but is under age 25, the
>>store faces hefty fines.
>Another odd thing is how popular cigars have become lately.  Last month I
>bought a copy of "Cigar Aficionado" magazine to peruse, even though I don't
>smoke, because it was so pretty :>) and spent quite some time looking at
>their web site.   It is a curious matter that when one "vice" is squelched,
>another grows in its place.   This magazine really emphasizes living "the
>good life", and I discovered that there are places springing up all over
>the U.S. (and I expect elsewhere) which are smoking clubs - people can
>actually go there just to smoke their cigar, perhaps with a glass of
>after-dinner liquor.    I thought this was a great idea, myself, because
>here these people can be with others who enjoy the same activity, and
>there's no one outside who can complain (not yet, anyway). 

Cigars are not covered by the recent Tobacco Agreement either.  Nor are 
foreign or "boutique" cigarette brands.  Business opportunity?  

>I think sometimes it is not only a Truth, but a great & useful Means to an
>End, that "living well is the best revenge".

Even cigarette smoking is having a bit of a revival in movies and among the 
young.  After all, in a world which has abolished sin it is a genuine 
government-certified sin.

Evita Rodham Clinton wrote a column attacking Julia Roberts for smoking in 
"My Best Friend's Wedding."  When asked about the attack during a publicity 
appearance for "Conspiracy Theory,"  Mel Gibson defended his co-star by 
saying "I'll stop smoking when they stop lying."


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