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Smoking and IDs

Lucky Green wrote:

>As signs in any liquor store have been informing tobacco customers for
>months, new FDA regulations require stores to check the ID of any tobacco
>customer under 25. This despite the fact that you are legally allowed to
>purchase tobacco products at age 18. If the store fails to check the ID of
>a person legally permitted to conduct the purchase but is under age 25, the
>store faces hefty fines.

Thanks for providing more details on this, Lucky, I overlooked the fact
that not everyone on the list will understand the situation was referring
to.   Another odd thing:    I was talking to the clerk at a convenience
store about the ID sign next to the register, and she said that on the
other hand, there aren't any such requirements for the purchase of any of
the cigars which were on display on the counter.

Another odd thing is how popular cigars have become lately.  Last month I
bought a copy of "Cigar Aficionado" magazine to peruse, even though I don't
smoke, because it was so pretty :>) and spent quite some time looking at
their web site.   It is a curious matter that when one "vice" is squelched,
another grows in its place.   This magazine really emphasizes living "the
good life", and I discovered that there are places springing up all over
the U.S. (and I expect elsewhere) which are smoking clubs - people can
actually go there just to smoke their cigar, perhaps with a glass of
after-dinner liquor.    I thought this was a great idea, myself, because
here these people can be with others who enjoy the same activity, and
there's no one outside who can complain (not yet, anyway). 

I think sometimes it is not only a Truth, but a great & useful Means to an
End, that "living well is the best revenge".

Not sure how this will apply to transponder implants, though.   A subject
for late-night speculation.