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Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls (fwd)

At 11:51 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Blanc wrote:
>I also noticed in the news on TV tonight that there are Clinton &
>Supporters, Inc. proposals being prepared for ensuring that stores actually
>do require purchasers of cigarrettes to display an ID, so that minors are
>prevented from smoking.   This is also contrary to the principles of being
>left alone, but who among our protectors is watching over the boundary
>lines, fighting back the infidels?   

As signs in any liquor store have been informing tobacco customers for
months, new FDA regulations require stores to check the ID of any tobacco
customer under 25. This despite the fact that you are legally allowed to
purchase tobacco products at age 18. If the store fails to check the ID of
a person legally permitted to conduct the purchase but is under age 25, the
store faces hefty fines.

This is of course just another extension of the "requiring ID for
everything" long-term goal of the government. Tim recently nicely recapped
some of the transponder implant issues our society will soon face. "No
transponder, no shoes, no shirt, no service".

[To our international readers: many stores in the US have signs by their
door that read "No shoes, no shirt, no service"].

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