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Re: FCPUNX:Krispin Preaches Revolution!

At 09:47 AM 9/4/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:
> And this is what I think they may try: a global crackdown to try to stamp
> out the wildfire of anarchocapitalism before it spreads beyond any hope of
> control.

I think it already too late:  A global crackdown, by creating a visible
confrontation, would simply accellerate matters.  If instead they simply
rely on social inertia, it will take a long time for existing institutions
to fade away.

We have all victories except for one very important one.  Money.

Now once we take that key bastion, and it is being besieged on every 
front, everything else will fall in due course, but it will still be 
a slow process, only unusually far sighted politicians will see and 
fear what is happening.  There is vast inertia in social institutions.

> Louis Freeh is no dummy. He understands the power struggle. But he has to
> speak babytalk to Feinswine and Kyl to let them glimpse what the issues are.

Career civil servants have more reason to take the long view than do 
politicians.  Politicians do not really care if the state is being
undermined in the long run, provided they are re-elected in the short
run.  Although politicians are our enemies, they are a lesser enemy than
career civil servants.
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