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"The Sovereign Individual" (Was Re: FCPUNX:FBI calls for...)

Jim Burnes writes:
> There is an interesting analysis of this process in the book, "The
> Sovereign Individual".
> [...]

Yes, I saw this in a bookstore.  It looks interesting; if and when I
wade through my current stack of unread books, I intend to pick it up.
I'd be interested in hearing the opinions of any c-punks who have read
it, if you think it's relevant to the list.

> Anyone have any background on the author's of this book?

> Lord Rees-Moggs (and someone who I can't remember)

It's Lord William Rees-Mogg.  His co-author is James Dale Davidson,
the founder of the U.S. National Taxpayers' Union.  The two of them
previously wrote "Blood in the Streets" and "The Great Reckoning",
and publish a newsletter called "Strategic Investment".  Davidson also
wrote a pamphlet called "The Plague of the Black Debt" (!), which
appears to be intended as an advertisement for the newsletter.

(I sent away for a sample copy of SI a couple of years ago, and found
it to be a rather odd bird as far as investment newsletters go.  As I
recall, it did have a fair amount of investment analysis and advice --
presented in a rather breathless, hyperbolic style, IHMO -- but it was
mixed in with numerous articles dealing with Whitewater, Vince Foster,
and so forth.  I didn't subscribe.)

Here are a few links, courtesy of Alta Vista:

http://www.amazon.com (search for ISBN 0684810077; includes reader reviews)
http://www.strategicinvestment.com/sample.html (see it for yourself)
http://www.worth.com/articles/Z9611F08.html (the world of newsletter marketing)
http://www.free-market.com/zychik/1996/10/15.html (mentions SI, unfavorably)
http://cybersurfing.com/hfd/profl.html (caveat emptor)

Martin Janzen
[email protected]idacom.hp.com