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EFF $10,000,0000 Challenge

The Electronic Forgery Foundation is proud to announce a major 
breakthrough in encryption technology -- Forged Encryption.

We are offering a prize of $10,000,000.00 for anyone who can
correctly decipher the following Forged Encryption message.

Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0
MessageID: od2CIT3fELE7K6bkIkKGJBj0MPUJ2TT8


The EFF doesn't have a copy of the correct answer locked away in
a secret underground cave in Tibet, for verification, because
the above Forged Encryption message is just a bunch of crap we
typed in pretty much at random.

Does the government want to keep your private key in escrow? Give
them a copy of your EFF private key.
Hell, give them _two_ copies, in case one is corrupted.{;>) Smile
when you give them to the government agent. Ask him how his day
has been. Offer him some coffe, and ask about his family. Tell 
him you will send him a Christmas card with another copy of your
EFF private key, just in case the government misplaces the copies
you gave them.
Put your hand over your heart, salute the flag, and sing "God Bless
America" as the government agent leaves. Then fart.

Use the EFF Forged Encryption sofware regularly, to send messages
with Subject:'s like "The Plot Against the PREZ," "Confirmation of
the date of our armed assault," "The Nuke has arrived."
Keep a copy of your EFF Forged Encryption secret key in a directory
named "Off the Pigs." 
Most importantly, never reveal in your private email to others that
you are a deaf, dumb and blind quadraplegic who has been homebound
since birth. That way, the outrageous claims that government agents
make against you in their secret deposition for a warrant to kick
in your door and terrorize you will look all the more foolish during
your trial.

We at the Electronic Forgery Foundation realize that some of you wise
guys are thinking that, for $10 million, it is well worth your while
to write a program that will decipher the above message into something
meaningful. Well, knock yourself out, dudes, but if you think that
known forgers couldn't possibly be lying about the $10 million, then
go directly to http://www.clueserver/fucking_idiot, do not pass GO
and do not collect $200.

  This message is copyrighted under the auspices of the Electronic 
  Forgery Foundation. Any misquoting, misrepresentation, or other
  abuse of this message would be greatly appreciated. Hell, you can
  tell people you wrote it, if you want to. We don't really care.