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Interactive Journal Launches New Tech Center

Dear Interactive Journal Subscriber:

If you haven't noticed it already, I wanted you to be aware of our new Tech
Center (http://interactive.wsj.com/edition/current/summaries/techmain.htm),
which represents a dramatic expansion of the Interactive
Journal's coverage of technology companies, trends and stocks.

Since we launched the Interactive Journal more than a year ago, our
technology pages and articles have consistently been among our most popular.
Tech Center, we think, not only organizes our coverage better but also
increases the number of stories we follow and the depth of background we
can deliver.

Tech Center reflects news contributions not only from the print
editions of The Wall Street Journal and from Dow Jones Newswires, but also
from an expanded Interactive Journal news staff in New York and San
Francisco dedicated to original coverage for the section. Its four
news areas, all updated throughout the day and night, are:

 Systems - Breaking stories in hardware and software.
 Ventures - Alliances and new businesses shaping the technology landscape.
 Fast Forward - The converging worlds of telecommunications, media and
 Tech Stocks - Major earnings announcements and other trends of interest
to technology investors.

In addition, Tech Center will offer a growing library of "Issue Briefings,"
concise background reports on key technology trends such as Java and online
privacy; exclusive Interactive Journal profiles of dozens of top technology
companies; and reader forums on major technology stories and controversial
issues. Naturally, we also include the latest from Personal Technology
columnist Walter S. Mossberg, along with an archive of all his recent columns.

Please take a moment to explore Tech Center and let us know what you think,
and what else you would like to see there.

Neil F. Budde
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

[email protected]

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