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Weasel nymserver closed due to child porn investigation

On Monday, September 1st, 1997, a police officer from the German
"Internet Patrol" in Munich contacted my provider and me by phone
and informed us that he investigates a case of child pornography
posted through weasel.owl.de and the nym.alias.net mail-to-news
gateway on August 17th.  Today my provider officially told me to
close my nymserver because they fear legal hassles if more illegal
material is sent from weasel during the present investigations.

I've taken the following measures to comply with their request:

1.  Mail to [email protected] bounces with the error message:
"Sending mail from weasel.owl.de is disabled until further notice."
Remailer operators, please add [email protected] to your destination
block lists.

2.  Weasel.owl.de does not allow creation of new accounts.

3.  Mail to weasel.owl.de users will be remailed as usual, until I
have transferred the accounts to another nymserver.  I would be very
grateful if the admins of nym.alias.net or anon.efga.org are willing
to host weasel's nyms until the investigations are closed and weasel
is hopefully up again.

Last but not least: the only police contact until now was by phone;
neither my provider nor I were forced to copy or decrypt anything.

Johannes Kroeger		<[email protected]>
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