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Re: Weasel nymserver closed due to child porn investigation

On 07 Sep 1997, I wrote:

> 3.  Mail to weasel.owl.de users will be remailed as usual, until I
> have transferred the accounts to another nymserver.  I would be very
> grateful if the admins of nym.alias.net or anon.efga.org are willing
> to host weasel's nyms until the investigations are closed and weasel
> is hopefully up again.

Andy Dustman, the operator of the redneck nymserver at anon.efga.org,
has now installed the weasel accounts on the EFGA server.  This means:

1. I don't have any data of pseudonymous users available anymore.

2. Mail to <[email protected]> will be forwarded to
<[email protected]> ("_w" for weasel).
3.  Mail to {send,config}@weasel.owl.de bounces with the following,
now somewhat more detailed error message:

Sending mail from weasel.owl.de is disabled until further notice.  Please
read <[email protected]> in alt.privacy.anon-server for
more information.  The accounts have been moved to redneck (anon.efga.org):
<[email protected]> is now <[email protected]>.

Johannes Kroeger		<[email protected]>
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