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Re: Gao's Chaos Cryptosystem Algorithm

[email protected] wrote:
> At 11:50 PM 9/8/97 -0500, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> >I think that what Nobuku described is not a private key system (because
> >keys cannot be reused), but rather an approach to generating one time pads.
> Arrrgh!  No!  If you read the early references, it's clearly a stream cypher, 
> and used as such.  The same bitstream is generated at both ends.
> Pretending it's a True Random One-Time Pad would be snake oil, 
> but that's your mistake, not Nobuku's or Gao's.
> It's true that keys cannot be reused, but that's the same for RC4.

Well, I did not say that it was true random one time pad. :)

> >> Do you think means of generating one time pads have been lacking?
> >I think that one more good way of doing it would not hurt.
> And one more non-truly-random way of doing it just puts more snake oil on
> the shelf.
> If there are any bytes that are correlated and not independent, it's Bad Pad.
> Tim May wrote:
> >> Why do you think a private key system, even one based on trendy buzzwords
> >> (e,g, "chaos") is interesting?
> Crypto mathematics is always interesting, if written well,
> and if it's the first time you've seen something rather than Yet Another

	- Igor.