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Re: House National Security committee guts SAFE, worse than no bill

>>At 2:17 PM -0700 9/9/97, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>>It's time for advocates of crypto-freedom to turn obstructionist and
>>oppose all legislation dealing with encryption.

> From: Jonah Seiger <[email protected]>
> And expect to accomplish what?

	Freedom from embarrassment? I don't consider the Digital
Telephony debacle to have been lived down yet. I certainly don't have
a lot of faith that the people who brought us that are going to do any
better nowadays.
	I sense another dirty little deal is in the works, where we're
told they didn't "support" it, but "it could have been worse".

> To stick our heads in the sand now would just make it easier for the FBI to
> roll right over us.  We still need to fight the expected FBI key recovery

	OK. How about telling us how that's going to be done. And at
what point will you start calling for megaphones and marches
(metaphorically). If the answer is "never", well, I think that settles
just how much of a factor you'll be.
Seth Finkelstein
[email protected]