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Re: Comdemnation of 'The Sovereign Individual'...


In <[email protected]>, on 09/10/97 
   at 12:11 AM, Jim Choate <[email protected]> said:

>We pay taxes to pay the bills of the indigent not to let the mother sit
>around on her ass but rather to protect the innocent kids who don't have
>a say in it. Those kids deserve a chance, whether you as an individual
>believe in them or not, THAT is the cost of humanity. We are just
>stewards of this reality, the real owners are the generations to be born.
>Their the ones we have to explain ourselves to. Please review

No they don't. At least not at the expense of taking food off of my table
and away from my childern to support the childern of those who are not
willing to do so themselves.

You sense of "morality" does not give you the right to steal from me to
support it. In a free society you are more then welcome to spend as much
you want on the children of others. You *DO NOT* have the right to spend
my money on them. That is a decision that I and I alone have the right to
make. I can spend $1M a year on them or I can spend nothing. It is my
money that I earned and you have no right to tell me how I should spend it
no matter how good it makes you feel to do so.

I do agree that we will have to explain ourselves to our children and
grandchildren. At least I can tell them that I fought against the
inslavement of the people by the socialist what will you be able to say?

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