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Re: Mondex Broken

Tim May wrote:
> At 6:55 PM -0700 9/9/97, John Young wrote:
> >We've received from anonymous a report on breaking
> >Mondex's pilot system by TNO along with a confidential
> >1996 memo describing the break:
> ....
> >Included is a letter from the Bank of New Zealand to
> >Electronic Frontier Canada attempting to suppress
> >publication of the memo.

> You mean the way <elided> had lawyers send threatening letters to <elided>
> warning him not to further publicize the claimed security flaws in
> <elided>, the security product sold by <elided>?
> I myself received a phone call from <elided>, warning me to not to even
> make reference to the rumors that <elided> had flaws in it.

> There's even a chance this vague note here will cause <elided> to again
> contact me, warning me that even such <elisions> are not good enough for
> them.

Seize & Dee cyst.

? the Attorney