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Re: Mondex Broken

The TNO is a Dutch research organization.  Based on this blind man's
view of the elephant, it's sort of like a national lab, but with a more
applied focus.


On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Adam Shostack wrote:

> John Young wrote:
> | We've received from anonymous a report on breaking
> | Mondex's pilot system by TNO along with a confidential
> | 1996 memo describing the break:
> | 
> |    TNO's Ernst Bovenlander gave some details of these 
> |    attacks (though he didn't mention Mondex as the target). 
> 	This seems pretty cool (the point in the memo about 'security
> being suitable for purpose' with purpose left undefined but implied by
> Mondex to be 'low value' is very interesting).  However, its not clear
> to me who TNO is?
> Adam
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