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Re: Nuclear Hedge Funds / Social Engineering in History / Wiretap DiFi

At 09:14 PM 9/9/97 -0400, declan wrote:
>I'd like to ask that if anyone is planning to Nuke Washington, they
>politely let me know so I can go on an extended business trip to the
>Montana mountains. I mean, it's just common courtesy!
What? And have another Juy Falkes Disaster?
One of Guy Falkes co-conspirators warned a parlament member who happened to
be Catholic to stay clear on the appointed day, that is how word got out.
You would feel compelled to tell your closest friends.  Who would, if they
didn't just blab outright, tell others that they might want to leave.
Ultimately, someone who dates a congressional aide will tell the aide, who
having a certain loyalty to the congressperson would warn the
congressperson, etc...
No, it's best that you die.
But at least you'll die a martyr.