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This was almost as much fun as Farikan's Number Theroy. ROTFLMAO!!! :)

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   at 04:58 PM, [email protected] (Anonymous) said:

>The question is not: "Is this guy getting good Acid?"

>The question is: "Did he bring enough for *everybody*?"

>[email protected] wrote:
>> E=MC  The equation for the atom bomb. It says that matter and energy are the
>> same thing. So then what is that? Matter, look at a brick. Its in a three dimensional
>> form. Its made of electrons,  protons and neutrons (atoms) and they are moving so
>> the brick is moving. Energy, sunlight. Its in a three dimensional form. It comes to us
>> from the sun therefore it is moving. 3D and moving Both matter and energy are 3D
>> and moving. I outproduce Einstein. We already know all matter has gravity. The
>> bending of light shows that energy has gravity also. So matter and energy are
>> 3D moving with gravity. The universe is made of matter, energy, time and space.
>> That just stated is the matter and energy part. Time and space. Take everything
>> in the universe and stop it. Does time progress? No. Therefore time is the motion
>> and the understanding of all the motion is the understanding of all of time.
>> Space, it ends. Space does not go on forever. Space is in a three dimensional
>> form. It moves but does not have gravity. Space moves like this.   O  /\  +  \/  O
>> And that is the understanding of all of time.
>>    O   This is what was first in the beginning.
>>    /\  This is the old kings and queens.
>>    +   This is democracy.
>>    \/  This is socialism.
>>    O   This is when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.
>> And that is the understanding of the universe.  Glory be to the Father the Son
>> and the Holy Ghost. Revelation chapter 10 & 11; 15-19. It is very important the
>> people receive this information. You may tell someone about this.
>>                                                  Thank You
>>                                                Robert Lavelle

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