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Dear Scott Adams: I hear you need a fresh target...

You could do the world a favor by making fun of recent
GAK (Government Accesst to Keys) proposals which are
currently circulating in the organs of power under
newspeak names like "key escrow" and "key recovery".

Also, it's an easy target, and a big issue with a lot
of your techie readers.

Have some leader on television announce that henceforth
all e-mail will be scanned by federal investigatory 
gremlins in the name of public safety, but never fear!!
For your privacy will be PERSONALLY GUARANTEED by the
new Privacy Czar...

<camera pans...>


Or Dogbert.  Or Ratbert, heck.  Or Bob!  Lots of your 
characters make good government leaders.



Zooko, Journeyman Wizard

P.S.  I think I'll Cc: this to the cypherpunks.  No 
doubt they will hack your account and send you death 
threats and make me regret it, but heck, maybe you can 
get some good mileage out of making fun of THEM, too.