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Taxless society concerns

I've  been reading some of the various "manifesto's" and "rants" lately
advocating societies free of government, taxes, etc. Whilst I agree in
principal with some of the subjects/proposals raised, there are still a
few things that have not been (i feel) adequately answered.

First off. In such a society, who cares for the old, the sick, and the
infirm? How is such care going to be payed for? How will basic services be
maintained without the necessary taxes required to pay for them? 

Now before you start yelling at me and calling me a government
sympathiser, let me say that i am disgusted at the amount of money spent
by governments around the world on military equipment and personnel. If
such a taxless society were to eventuate there would be *hopefully* that
much more money floating around to help those who need it most.

But the question remains. In such a taxless society, and little or no
government, how are those less fortunate than us going to be cared for?


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