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Re: Taxless society concerns

> First off. In such a society, who cares for the old, the sick, and the
> infirm? 

	Their Family, Children & other loved ones, or paid care givers.

> How is such care going to be payed for? 

	Well, if their family/children do it, they will pay necessary costs.
Otherwise I guess they will just have to save up for it. 

> How will basic services be
> maintained without the necessary taxes required to pay for them? 

> sympathiser, let me say that i am disgusted at the amount of money spent
> by governments around the world on military equipment and personnel. If
> such a taxless society were to eventuate there would be *hopefully* that
> much more money floating around to help those who need it most.

	Don't assume their need in any way shape or form puts any obligation
on me.