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Re: PGP Signatures

Could somebody tell me what the CLUE SERVER is cause I tryed to search it
in Yahoo! but they didn't give me anything on CLUE SERVER so could
somebody e-mail me and tell me where the CLUE SERVER is located
PLEASE!!!!!!!  Also could somebody give me more info on PGP
Signatures??????  If somebody could download the software for me Id be
real HAPPY:-))))((((-:  COuls somebody tell me if I can just upload my
PGP Signature to my E-MAIL or do i have to put it on my hard drive
because the Computer ain't mine so I dont wanna put something on my
brothers hard drive so could somebody give me some more info????????????

Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0
MessageID: HyRMcbGm8DN7BxUVL/6EunpyDLmTX8Wj