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Fuck ITAR in the EAR

Hello CoE cell mates,

I notice Bubba, or was that TruthMonger, one of them anyway, has been
ranting about stirring some shit for the GAKkers by exporting
something from the US by way of Canada.

I have it from a good source that it is perfectly legal to do this as
there is a loop-whole in Candian law.  But you have to do it in a
particular way.

Lets say you wish to export PGP from Canada.  Your American accomplice
emails you PGP.  You write to the appropriate canadian department of
export controls telling them: "I'm going to export PGP.  I just
imported it from the US.  I am required by Canadian law to inform you
in writing before I do this.  Consider yourself informed".  Post the
letter.  Then export PGP.

(The amercian accomplice is optional, you can just import it yourself
if you can find a US site which will give it to you with a domain of
dev.null or sympatico.ca, should be doable, William Geigher's site has
it for open download for instance.)

Ok the wording above in quotes is important, if you _ask_ them for
permission, they'll faff around and not give it to you.  But the point
is you _don't need their permission_ according to Canadian law, you're
just supposed to inform them _before_ the export.

So apparently there have been some very interesting crypto things
exported this way.  All that happens to the canadian person is that
they receive a letter from the Canadian export control bods with much
teeth gnashing and entreatments not to export, please.  Guess this
letter would be worthy of framing and hanging on the wall along beside
Bubba Rom Dos portrait.


Course that may not have the desired effect.  If you want to cause
more shit, do things in the wrong order.  That is export it, then
write them saying "I am required to inform you prior to export.  I
think this is stupid.  I exported PGP last week.  So arrest me."

btw all these clear text Bcc's... not that I mind or anything, but I
prefer PGP encrypted emails, that way the bubba rants etc provides
nice cover traffic for my real nefarious purposes.

You can `remail' the story if you like (I'm pretty sure it's good
legal advice), if you remail, do it without my name on it.

Kent Crispin