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More on House Intelligence committee amendment on crypto

So I'm reading through the 43-page amendment to SAFE that the House
Intelligence committee approved today. It includes: 

* Ban on sale of crypto without a backdoor. Five year & fine (maybe
$250,000?) if violated. Prosecutions can be held in closed-door
courtrooms, publishers of info about case to be held in contempt of court.

* Federal government computer purchases must use key escrow "immediate
decryption" after 1998. Same with network established w/Federal funds.

* Such products can be labeled "authorized for sale to U.S. government"

* U.S. government may "not mandate the use of encryption standards" for
the private sector

* Export decisions aren't subject to judicial review

* Defense & Commerce have controls of exports of crypto

* Establishes Encryption Industry and Information Security Board

* Internet providers, key recovery centers aren't liable if they turn over
keys following legal standards

* President can negotiate int'l agreements, perhaps punish noncompliant

I'm still reading... More details shortly...