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[COMMERCIAL] Scars and stripes forever



		      Scars and stripes forever

			      UNCLE SAM

"There's nothing we can do for you."  The dismissive doctor's words
echo in the old vagrant's head as he's ejected from a hospital.
Moments later, the other voices return.  They're about to take him on
a journey to the dark heart of America in UNCLE SAM, a two-issue
Prestige Format VERTIGO miniseries, fully painted by award-winning
painter Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME) and written by Steve Darnall (the
Eisner Award-nominated Empty Love Stories).

Clad in star-spangled rags, a man named Sam wanders city streets,
struggling to remember his true identity.  As the voices in his head
begin to make a terrible kind of sense, they set off time-traveling
visions that drag him through the worst of his nation's history, while
hinting that he may have a violent past of his own.

Is he Uncle Sam - or one of U.S.?

Through it all, a mysterious woman keeps appearing, staying just out
of reach.  Is she Sam's lover, ally, or just, in the end, a madman's
dream?  He won't have all the answers until he reaches "a white city
by the unsalted sea" - and a most formidable foe.

Darnall and Ross team up for a multilayered look at the failed dreams
and fallen heroes of a nation under siege...from itself.  Told through
a mystery man's eyes, UNCLE SAM sweeps from the Revolutionary War to
the Dust Bowl and beyond.  In his VERTIGO debut, Alex Ross takes his
remarkably realistic style to new heights, using spectacular splash
pages and a wide-ranging palette to bring America's darkest historical
moments - as well as a hallucinatory parade of other American icons -
to life.

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