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Government promotes strong crypto!!!

[Electronic Forgery Foundation]
<Bienfait, Saskatchewan>

[Washington, DC]
  In a startling turn of events, the U.S. government has come out in
support of the use of strong encryption.
  In order to give incentives to criminals to use strong encryption,
the government has announced that the penalty for using weak encryption
in the commission of a crime will be an extra five years in prison.

Lying Nazi Fuck Freeh stated, "Theoretically, the law applies to those
criminals who use strong encryption, as well, but in practice, we will
not be able to prosecute, because if we can't break it, then we have
no way to prove it is being used for criminal purposes."

Dog-faced Child Murderer Reno stated that the high level of publicity
given to the effective use of encryption in crime has served the
government's aim of making certain that the vast majority of criminals
will recognize the value of using encryption to hide evidence.

Lying Nazi Slut Dying FineSwine stated that she opposed the use of
strong encryption by child pornographers because she and the vice
police had grown so accustomed to high-quality computer graphics of
child pornography, that they just couldn't get off on photographs any
Marked for deletion SwineSwine said that she would like to comment more
on child pornography, but talking about it made her hot, and she then
rushed of to the ladies room.

  This message was forged under the auspices of the Electronic Forgery
  Foundation. Any misuse or abuse of this message will probably give
  your Congressman a hard on. They're weird that way.