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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

Libertarianism is the only coherent ideology when it comes to the
Internet. I'm told there may be a piece appearing shortly on HotWired
arguing just this. At the Libertarian Party convention last summer, a
bunch of cypherpunks including some on f-c showed up and made the platform
even more pro-crypto and anti-GAK. I wrote about this for HotWired then. 

But to defend modern liberals for a moment (I'm a recovering one. Yes, it
takes a long time.), groups like EPIC and the ACLU are generally
liberal-ish and they're quite good on encryption. 

Of course, the Democrats in Congress are some of the biggest anti-crypto
folks around. 


On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, David H Dennis wrote:
> I must confess that I'm wondering what Seth Finkelstein, Pro-Government
> Warrior, able to jump over 50 Libertarians in a single bound, thinks of
> all this.  Crypto restrictions are natural to oppose in a Libertarian
> world, due to our fundemental distrust of government.  Where do they
> fit in a Liberal one?