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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

David H Dennis wrote:

> Crypto restrictions are natural to oppose in a Libertarian
> world, due to our fundemental distrust of government.  Where do they
> fit in a Liberal one?

They don't fit in any fucking world any more than butt-fucking 
the citizens fits in any fucking world.
There is no longer any rule of law in the country so it is now
acceptable for each of us to make our own laws and enforce them.
I met with myself in a double-secret commmittteee meeting last
night and passed a lot of laws that carry the death penalty and
now I have to kill everyone but me.
I also passed a law saying you all have to give me 30% of your
income until I get around to killing you. And you all have to
go to Vietnam and kill ten people and then go to Kent State and
kill a student and then you have to kill people with religious
beliefs that are different than yours and all of their children
too. And everyone has to bomb their own house and blame it on
Timothy McVeigh and then I'm going to pardon him and let him
sexually harrass Paula Jones.
And you guys have to quit reading other people's stuff because
I am the only official news, now.
I'm an asshole and I'm going to kill you all and take all of your
money and I'm still at the top of my latest poll. I just asked
So is anybody bothered because I'm not wearing a suit and smiling
at you and telling you lies? Is your life going to be any worse
now that a real asshole like me is the dictator of everybody?
Not really. I think things will stay pretty much the same.

Fuck You